What is disturbing you?

If ever asked about things which distract us the most when we (try to) sit and study, what would your list of answers include? Think honestly. For me, mobile phones and family would take the top spot in that list.

Ironic huh? Family, which forces us to study and concentrate, actually disturbs the most. Doors of the rooms are closed, volume is turned down and yet you hum the songs as they come up on the TV which you are actually not able to watch or are not supposed to listen to. Your sibling playing games which you once used to. This does irritate, right?

Another thing which makes you less efficient is the mobile phone which claims to be smart and it proves itself to be smarter than you if you keep it around while studying. Someone pressed your doorbell but you didn't rise up to open the door because you were 'busy' studying. At the same time a minor beep from your mobile phone takes away with it your patience and concentration and before the next blink of the eye, you unlock it and look at it. You might even decide to play a round of your favourite game or just ask a friend what he/she is been upto.

What is this? Our book asks you the smell of a gas liberated in a particular reaction and what makes you smile at that moment is a new song which you heard the previous night or a funny message from your friend or something equally useless. Okay it is getting little preachy today, isn't it? But whether we accept it or not, a lot of us do this everytime we sit to study. Let us keep this among ourselves. Things would be much simpler later and once you get a rail to ride your life train, everything would be much more fun.