Wave Optics

In this post we will discuss about the importance of Wave Optics in JEE advanced , JEE mains. Also we will focus on the types of questions that generally come from this section.


Wave Optics covers questions as conceptual and also numerical type when it comes to JEE Mains and Advanced. Now if you look at the questions you will observe that JEE Mains of late is starting to ask some questions from this chapter. And when it comes to JEE Advanced you may atmost get 1 question and there is no gaurantee that next year there will be a question next year.

Golden Topics

Conceptual type : This basically holds questions from wavefront, Huygen's Principle , Laws of reflection and refraction using Huygen's Principle, interference of light, coherent sources and polarisation. There are also questions about strength of electromagnetic waves(Some may classify this as different chapter).

Numerical type : This basically holds questions from Interference Young's double slit experiment and expression for fringe width, Diffraction due to a single slit, width of central maximum.