Vector algebra


Vector algebra is one of the topic with major weightage and constitute a big section of mathematics. We will see how this chapter is important for exam preparation.

Yearly trend

It can be seen from the graph that many questions are asked from this chapter specially in JEE-Advanced. So, it is an important topic and all concepts must be understood. We will see the topics to be studied in the section below.

Important concepts

The important concepts in this topic are : 1. Coplanarity of threee vectors, !!veca,vecb,vecc!!

  1. Scalar product of three vectors, !!veca.(vecbxxvecc)!!

  2. Vector triple product, !!vecaxx(vecbxxvecc)=(vecc.veca)vecb-(veca.vecb)vecc!!

  3. Scalar and Vector product of vectors.

  4. Volume of a parallelopiped having the adjacent sides as !!veca,vecb!! and !!vecc!!.

  5. Collinear vectors, dependent and independent vectors.