Trigonometry Equations and Inverse Trigonometry

This post shall discuss the importance of Trigonometry Equations and Inverse Trigonometry as a topic for preparation of JEE Advanced and JEE Mains. The important topics and the type of questions asked shall also be discussed.

This topic deals with solution of equations under a given set of conditions and, required set of values of the argument are calculated.


Yearly Trend

Historically, Trigonometry Equations and Inverse Trigonometry is one of the major topics for preparation of JEE Advance and JEE Mains, both because of the number of questions that appear and the weightage of marks. The concepts of this topic are also applied in other chapters and topics, and hence is a very important pillar in your preparation.

As many as 3 questions have appeared in JEE Advanced 2011 , and at least 1 question has appeared in every year, so the same can be expected. The number of questions asked In JEE Mains have been limited to mostly 1, but that does not negate the importance of this topic as a whole.


A wide variety of questions can be asked from this topic.
The most common type of question asked is the Mix and Match type, which carries major marks, and is very important to get right if maximum marks are to be scored. The questions are mostly asked in a way where these trigonometric equations are combined with other topics like quadratic equations, and a solution for the argument is expected.

The properties and conditions related to the Inverse functions are very important and hence shall be practised and studied thoroughly. The questions are also clubbed with derivatives to form an equation and the answer is expected to be expressed as range, from a minimum possible to a maximum possible value.
Also, the questions are asked in the form of word problems, in which one is expected to form an equation and then solve it to get a range of values of the argument.

All in all, it is a very important topic and should be focused on in the overall preparation perspective.