This Holi, go out and play

Generally, studying is not fun and no one can understand this better than someone who is in your position. By now, you might have adapted to this pitiful condition of yours but this feeling of being in chains gets aggravated when you see people around you having fun. By this time you might have understood why I am writing all this. Well, it is so because even if you have made your plans you will find yourself in an odd position for next two days.

Some of you are preparing for your board exams right now and at the same time you are worried about JEE which is scheduled for next month. Amidst all this tension, you have probably decided to lock yourself up in a room and study as others play Holi outside. Take one advice here. Don’t do that. You might be wondering that I am misguiding you and if you think so, try it yourself. Once you start hearing the laughter and the dancing of people outside, you would not be able to concentrate on your studies. And having fun isn’t bad at all. Go out, play Holi for an hour or so, eat good food, meet your friends and once you are done with that, study.

This is one of the most common mistakes students commit under exam pressure. They don’t relax and equate enjoying with wasting time. Just think, what is the use of sitting with books open when your mind can’t take in anything? Play regularly, exercise daily and take Holi as something to take away your mind from the regular routine. Enjoy to the fullest so that once you start studying, you don’t regret missing the fun which your family had.

All the best for your exams and have a fun filled Holi.