Your Notebook - Your Creative Space

You are too busy with your studies the whole day and I know that after a long day struggling with numbers and chemicals, no one wishes to read the same song of science and math everytime they visit our blog. You, students, deserve a little break.

You are preparing for JEE or other engineering entrance examinations which directly implies that you spend too much time with a pen and a notebook to practice problems or make notes. For the next few minutes let's forget about everything sensible which that notebook contains and look at the !!"graffiti on paper"!! which came up on the last few pages of the notebook or on the margins of the pages.

These are the places which attach you with your notebook. There's a face with long hair and no ears, a half filled tic-tac-toe matrix, your name in bold letters, a movie song which set itself on your lips, a well calligraphed Joker quote and what not. Somewhere between these random thoughts are the calculations where you substituted !!1/tan x!! with !!t!! and carried on with an integration. Small reminders of extra classes managed to get a box around them and name of a reference book got lost somewhere because it was written on the very first day of the year. When I was preparing for the exam, the most frequently scribbled words were JEE and my name followed by the name of my school.For you it could be a phone number, a smiling face, your autograph (that's not a signature what you do there) or something bizarre.

Here I suggest something. Whenever you are tired and want to get refreshed, just look out for this creativity of yours for a couple of minutes. As you start to decipher what you actually drew or intended to write, a stress relieving smile will appear on your lips and all worries will melt down. If you have something unique to share, do it with us and once you do that, get back to your books. You have a big task to accomplish.