The Big Dilemma

The books are well arranged, pens have finally found their caps and all the wrinkles on the bed sheet are removed as soon as you get off your bed in the morning. You have started studying at fixed hours and you are taking extreme care while doing everything because you don’t want to piss off your parents. They probably don’t know that this is a silence before the storm.

Cricket World Cup is just 10 days away and neither it could wait nor your studies. So, if you are a hardcore follower of this sport, you have to plan out your final exams (Boards for class 12 students), JEE preparation and 50-over cricket matches properly. ‘Sacrificing’ the joy of watching a cricket match is an option but not recommended because there is no use of sitting with a physics problem all day as your ears struggle to listen to some commentary being played in the adjacent room.

This years’ world cup is different from the ones in the past. India will step in the arena to protect its title and this is the major reason why you don’t want to miss this special series. As a student, I understand this but what about your parents and teachers. Even if you say that your preparations are going fine, you won’t be able to convince them or yourself.

“What to do?” Is that what your mind is screaming? Well, we have just one advice for you. Don’t let this world cup spill water over your preparation done so far. Skip movies or 20-minute TV shows and watch cricket during your breaks. Use it just to refresh yourself and if you want to know about everyone and about everything that happens in a match, read the following day’s newspaper. Skipping sleeps is a strict no-no. As the D-day is approaching (for most of you), you need to climb another step of excellence and that is possible only if you practice with a fresh and healthy mind.