Stoichiometry and Redox Reactions

Stoichiometry and Redox Reactions is one of the basic chapters of Chemistry. It is one of the first chapters that you might have learnt when you started your preparations. The questions asked may be of moderate difficulty. However, there can be easy as well as difficult questions too. This chapter involves understanding of the concepts.


Over the years, the number of questions asked from this chapter has shown quite a bit of variation.

Higher number of questions have been asked in recent years from this topic for JEE Advanced. Although there was no direct question asked in JEE Advanced 2013 from this, some of the concept were useful is solving questions from other topics.

Atleast 2 questions have been asked every year from this topic for AIEEE/JEE Mains.

Important Topics

Both Stoichiometry and Redox Reactions are equally important to ace this chapter.

From stoichiometry, the questions asked include mole, mass and volume based calculation from balanced equations. Molarity, molality and density calculations of solutions were also found to be asked frequently. Few questions involved titrations and the knowledge of the basic equation for titrations !!N_1V_1 = N_2V_2!!. Calculations involving mixing of two solutions or a solution and a pure componenet to get desired concentration also found its place in some years. Questions on calculation of atomic mass and balancing of chemical reactions, though rarely asked, are important to ensure complete preparation.

Redox reaction questions mostly involved two types - determination of oxidation state ; and identification of type of reaction, oxidising agent, reducing agent. Balancing of redox reactions should be thoroughly understood as sometimes these can help solve many question from stoichiometry. Oxidation states of common elements should also be familiar in order to answer question regarding oxidation states.

It is always advisable to balance any chemical reaction that you come across (except organic reactions) and this may be helpful in avoiding certain careless mistakes in answering questions from chapters like Chemical Energetics and Electrochemistry.

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