Sometimes it is just a matter of the right mindset

As we enter the last quarter of our JEE preparation, many doubts and fears start entering our mind: ‘syllabus abhi tak khatam nahi hua’, ‘test mein acche number nahi aa rahe’, ‘iss baar selection nahi hua toh?’, ‘11th mein joh padha tha sab bhul gaya’, ‘inorganic/organic toh yaad he nahi ho rahi’, ‘revision ke liye toh time he nahi hai’ . Well, dont worry, as you are not the only one facing these fears. Look around you.....almost everyone is in a similar teeth-chattering situation as you are. Even the ‘guys who know it all’ has some unknown fears going on inside their mind…..but still they always seem to score much better than you in all the tests! You have worked just as hard as them, you have solved all the practice sheets (some of them even twice!), you didn’t even go to watch the best movies this year because of your preparation…..and yet, you are just not doing well enough! Where do you think you are lacking???


Confidence beta .......CONFIDENCE

You did everything you were asked to do. You went through your textbooks/coaching material very thoroughly, you tried to understand the concepts instead of mugging up things, you practised all problems you could lay your hands on, you even took out time to learn everything in inorganic chemistry.....and yet, you forgot to do one thing they asked you to forgot to believe in yourself.

When you couldn’t solve the first question from optics in your exam, you thought, ‘yeh topic toh abhi tak acche se nahi aata’. When you came across the second question from optics, your frustrated mind thought, ‘yaar ab yeh question bhi nahi solve hone wala’. When you came back from giving the exam, you discovered, ‘shit! second question kitna easy tha’. When your friend gave you a question from mechanics and you couldn’t solve it, you thought, ‘bhai, 11th ka toh sab bhul gaye’.


With so many negative thoughts going on inside your mind if you go to give your next mock test, it will not be a surprise if you fail to get a good score again. If instead of beating yourself down every time you dont get the desired result, you choose to stay positive and tell yourself that ‘I do not everything but I know what I know and I am going to do what I know’, you might actually end up getting a good score in future.

Remember, those who give JEE and those who crack JEE are not very different from you. They have the same brain as you, they have the same books as you, and they go through the same daily life situations as you. But while you start doubting yourself and decide to give up, they choose to believe in themselves and keep fighting till the end.


So, during the last quarter of your JEE preparation, just remember that you have worked too hard all year to give up now. This is not the time to quit but to push yourself a little harder to run just a few more miles. Turn your negative thoughts into positive reinforcements. Believe in yourself and remember, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”