In this post, we shall discuss Solids as a topic for preparation of JEE Advanced and JEE Mains. The important topics and the nature of questions shall also be discussed.


Observing the trends of the previous years’ question papers, it was noted that 1 or 2 questions have appeared every year in JEE Advanced barring 2014. The questions have sometimes appeared in the form of comprehension or mix-match type, and hence carried a higher number of marks. From the JEE Mains perspective, it is safe to expect 1 question from this chapter. 1-2 questions have appeared every year since 2008. The questions are generally straightforward and relatively easy to answer, and hence a good understanding of the topic shall fetch you maximum marks.


There are a variety of questions that can be asked from Solids, but most of them are very closely related to basics. The most important topic of this chapter is Space filling models and closed packed structures (say HCC and CCP). A lot of questions can be framed around these topics. Questions related to cell length, edge length and cell radius have been asked in the previous years. A very important part of this chapter is Packing Fraction. Questions in which packing fraction has to be calculated directly, finding out the coordination number, or an empirical chemical formula of a substance has to be derived are common. And to wrap this chapter, a basic study of the defects (say frenkel and Fresnel etc) should be done.

Solids is one of those chapters, in which you need to score full marks if you are looking to secure a good rank, and optimum practice can get you there.

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