In this post, let me try to scare you. I won’t throw difficult math problems at you and say that if you can’t do this, you are bound to fail in the examination which is due in less than two months. I would neither judge your preparation nor fill your mind with useless rumours like “This year’s JEE is going to be tough. An IITD professor said so.” Instead I am just looking to have some fun and I’ll do so by telling you a truth.

What do you think of the colleges where you wish to enter so badly that you equated your days and nights for it? When I was in your position I used to dream of IITs as a place where one who enters becomes someone who is looked up by people who couldn’t. The life is luxurious and students don’t have to worry about their academics anymore because they have already ‘proved’ themselves. As they show in newspaper ads, students would just hang out with their friends the entire day, sit in open spaces, sing and play, compose music, paint and do everything but study. If your views are similar to mine, then I am not surprised even a bit.

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Before students enter a particular college, they need to know that IITs or BITS or NITs are some of the finest technical colleges in India and that strictly doesn’t mean that students don’t study there. You have to do assignments more than what you have done so far in school, class and lab schedules are hectic and (most of) the teachers are strict. So does that mean that whatever they say about college is wrong? The answer is a big no. These colleges which are termed as ‘the best’ will teach you more than science and engineering. The exposure and the environment which these colleges offer make them different and if the thought of “I will never study once I clear JEE” enters your mind frequently, know that you are thinking wrong. Inspite of these wrong notions, I won’t stop you from imagining wrong because it doesn’t matter if it motivates you and keeps you on track in this race.
Mountain View

In the end after reading this if you are a bit confused or afraid, it means that my motive is fulfilled. Haha (an evil laugh).