Qualitative Analysis

Qualitative analysis is used to find elements like Nitrogen, Sulphur or phosphorous in various compounds. It is an important topic, not only from a competitive exam point of view, but also for practical and research chemistry. Let us look at the number of questions in this topic over the years.

This is a topic that is JEE Advanced centric and questions are hardly asked in JEE Mains from this topic(not considering Organic Qualitative Analysis).

The best learning approach to this chapter would be learn tests for each element separately. Most of the test come under the Lassaigne’s tests so there will be some commonality between them. Let us now move onto the topics


  • Lassaigne’s test: The most important part of this chapter. It is used mainly to find nitrogen, sulphur, phosphorous and halogens in organic compound. Look through the reactions and learn them thoroughly.

  • The test for the elements: Their reactions and possibly the mechanism too have to be learnt properly. The tests include test for Nitrogen, Sulphur, halogen and phosphorous.