Properties of Triangles

This post shall discuss the importance of Properties of Triangles as a topic for preparation of JEE Mains and JEE Advanced. The important topics and the type of questions asked shall also be discussed.

Properties of Triangles deals with certain established relationships between quantities of a given triangle, say lengths and angles under a given set of conditions.


Yearly trend

Questions are asked from this topic in JEE Advanced frequently, but no so much in JEE Mains.

Properties of Triangles is a good scoring topic and can fetch you safe marks once the properties are well-versed with.

But, given the unpredictable nature of these exams, the logical option would be to prepare well enough.


The type of questions that can be asked from this chapter are pretty limited and hence preparation in relatively easy.
The most common type of questions is the one related to Circumradius and Inradius.
circumradius !!R= (abc)/(4 Delta)!!

inradius !!r=Delta/(s)!!

Where !!a,b,c!! are the sides of the triangle, !!s!! is the semi perimeter and !!Delta!! denotes the triangle area. Certain conditions are mentioned and the candidate is expected to decipher further relations.

Another type of question asked is when certain trigonometric or Pythagorean conditions are mentioned and the relations between the angles or the sides of the triangle are to be found.
It may seem tough at first, but once you are thorough with properties, it is not difficult to answer the questions, and practice can get you there.