Preparation of Phenol


Identify !!Y!! and !!Z!! of the following reaction:

(a) !!Y= C_2H_5I, Z= C_6H_5CHO!!

(b) !!Y= C_6H_5I, Z= C_2H_5OH!!

(c) !! Y= C_6H_5OH, Z= C_2H_5I!!

(d) !!Y= C_6H_5OH, Z= CH_3CH_3 !!


The phenyl-O bond has a partial double bond character, which is difficult to break. Therefore, it remains the same.

Products are !! Y= C_6H_5OH, Z= C_2H_5I!!.

In case If we are able to break the phenyl-O bond, then it would have result in !!Ph^+!!, which is highly unstable.

Therefore correct answer is (c).

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