Concept of Atomic weight

Question: !!P!! and !!Q!! are two elements which forms !!P_2Q_3!! and !!PQ_2!!. If !!0.15!! mole of !!P_2Q_3!! weights !!15.9g! »

Concept of X- rays

Question Let !!lambda_alpha, lambda_beta and lambda_alpha^'!! denote the wavelengths of the !!X-!!rays of the !!K_alpha, K_beta!! and !!L_alpha! »

Current - 3rd Feb'16

Question !!n!! identical cells, each of emf !!E!! and internal resistance !!r,!! are joined in series to form a closed circuit. The potential difference across any »

Electrochemistry - 3rd Feb'16

Question In the following electrochemical cell !!Zn|Zn^(2+) || H^(+)|Pt(H_2)!! !!E_"cell"^0 = E_"cell".!! This will be when a) !![Zn^(2+)]= [H^ »

Concept of solubility

Question: A gas !!‘X’!! when dissolved in water, heat is evolved. Then solubility of !!‘X’!! will increase at: a) Low pressure, high temperature b) Low pressure, »

Power- 30th jan'16

Question: A force acting on a body depends on its displacement !!S!! as !!F prop S^(-2/3)!!. The power delivered by !!F!! will depend on »

Concept of bond length

Question Which of the following species has the shortest bond length? a) !!O_2^(-)!! b) !!O_2^(2-)!! c) !!O_2^(2+)!! d) !!O_2^ »