Optically active and axis of symmetry

Question Which statement is correct?

a) It is optically active.
b) It possesses centre of symmetry.
c) It possesses axis of symmetry.
d) It possesses plane of symmetry.


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The compound is optically active because it has a chiral centre. A chiral centre is an atom that has four different substituents. We can also say it is optically active. Because it can't be superimposed on its mirror image.

The molecule possesses an axis of symmetry (C-2) perpendicular to the C – C bond. This means on rotating the compound by 180 degrees through the axis we get the same compound.

A molecule has a center of symmetry when for any atom in the molecule an identical atom can be found when it moves in a straight through this center an equal distance on the other side.

Whereas a plane symmetry is any plane cutting through the molecule such that one side is a perfect reflection of the other. So it does not have plane of symmetry.

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