Modern Physics

We will discuss in this post about the important aspects of modern physics, the kind of questions covered in JEE Mains and JEE Advanced.


Modern Physics is considered easy topic to score when it comes to JEE Mains and Advanced. On analysing previous year papers, it is found that atleast 2 questions are asked every year in JEE Advanced from Moder Physics. We see a similar trend in JEE Mains, with atleast 2 questions being asked from this topic.

We will next cover important concepts from which questions are asked


From the prespective of JEE Mains and JEE Advanced questions are mainly asked from photo electric effect which covers the concept of threshold wavelength, stopping potential, wave nature of electrons. The next important topic is the Bohrs model where the weightage is given to quantization of energy, the hydrogen like atom spectra. Finally in Nucleus the questions are related to binding energy, radioactive decay.

Historically these were important topics and you should not forget to cover them. And for cent percent marks you need to read all the topics thoroughly.

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