Liquids & Solutions

This post shall discuss Liquids and Solutions as a topic for preparation of JEE Advanced and JEE Mains. The important topics and the type of questions asked shall also be discussed.


Liquids and Solutions is one of the more important chapters, especially form the JEE Advanced perspective. The previous years’ question papers show that 2 questions have been asked almost every year since 2007. They have mostly appeared as single option correct, but sometimes, they appear as comprehension type and hence carry high marks. When it comes to JEE Mains, 1 or 2 questions have appeared every year.

This questions from this chapter are a little complex and not as easy as some of the other chapters, and hence more effort is required to score maximum marks.


The story of this chapter with the Raoult's law and the introuction of vapour pressure of the solution, then comes the most important topic from this chapter - Colligative Properties. Most of the questions asked from this chapter are directly or indirectly related to these properties. The questions asked maybe related to their trends against different parameters or their calculation under different conditions. Another very important concept is that of absorption and adsorption, out of which, direct theory questions are asked. Direct numerical questions on solubility and partial pressure may also be asked. And finally, to plug all the gaps, theoretical concepts like micelle formation,surfactants and emulsions should also be given a look.