Last minute tips for JEE

With the exams knocking on the doorstep, what are some of the key things that one should do and don't.

For starters there is no point in starting a new topic, if for some reason you have skipped it or didn't really study it because it was difficult at that particular time, because it will only hamper your confidence level.


Do things that will increase your confidence like if you are good at Mathematics, try to remember the application of various properties of co-ordinate geometry that you have studied earlier without seeing the notes. But do not neglect other subjects.


You also need to make sure that you can concentrate for the complete three hours of the examination. In order to do so, try and give a mock paper daily in full exam conditions. Stay true to yourself.


There are so many small small things that can really help you overcome exams pressure. Try and find that thing for yourself. It will really lighten your mood and keep you calm. Try to follow a healthy diet for the next few days.

Do not overwork. Now is not really the time when you sleep fours hours a day, stay awake late and study and again get up early and then study. You might think that this is helping you but it is the other way around, this lifestyle is just decreasing your productivity. Not saying that this is true for everyone, some students might just be able to pull this off.

Finally, remember all you can do is put in your effort with everything you have. Don't get disheartened, do not do things that will make you sad. Be confident, beleive in yourself take your test and voila, you come out with flying colours.