IUPAC Nomenclature


As per IUPAC nomenclature the name of complex !![Co (H_2O)_4 (NH_3)_2]Cl_3!! is

a) Tetraaquadiaminecobalt(III)chloride
b) Tetraaquadiamminecobalt(III)chloride
c) Diaminetetraaquacobalt(III)chloride
d) Diamminetetraaquacobalt(III)chloride


In IUPAC, different side chains and functional groups will be grouped together in alphabetical order. The prefixes di-, tri- etc not taken into consideration for grouping alphabetically.

Therefore according to question "am" will come before "aq". Option (c) and (d) can be correct. Since, it is a complex compound we will use "ammine" not "amine". For organic compounds we use "amine".

So, correct answer is (d).

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