It Is Not That Tough

You must have heard these words before from your teachers, parents and even your family friends who make every attempt to make sure that you are always motivated. I’ll say the same thing, “it’s not that tough”. There’s one big difference in this being said by your parents and me. Your parents tell you this to keep up your confidence and to give you an external push to crack the task which you have taken up. In my case, the latter does hold true but the more important fact is that I have been in that position where you are right now and I know that “it’s not that tough.”

When you sit down on your chair every day to study, does your mind think of the huge course which is pending or the large number of formulae or mathematical relations which you have to remember but can’t? Well if you think this way, make sure that you don’t curse yourself for not remembering things instead of putting in so much of hard work. They say it’s not the hard work which helps but it’s the smart work which makes the difference. This is slightly different in case you are preparing for JEE. To be successful here, you have to work hard smartly.

Adding that ‘smart’ factor is not that tough. Make flowcharts to remember chemical reactions. Comparison tables work perfectly fine in case of coordinate geometry where you get confused with signs because the formulae are more or less similar for every curve. For the remaining things, which don’t fit into a flow chart or something equally compact and hand, make a list. Write down all the formulae of every chapter in a separate notebook and whenever you are stuck with a problem, look into this notebook. By the end, that is just before the exams you will remember formulae because you have written them yourself. You will remember the page of your notebook and the position where a particular note is made. This connection with yourself will guide you in the exam and things won’t be “that tough” for you anymore.