Inequalities involves basic equation solving by plotting on number line and observing values a variable can take.

Yearly trend As you can see from the trends, questions exclusively asked from this concept are rare, like really rare, more like extinct. The topic is generally integrated with Quadratic Equations, Complex Numbers, and Progressions and Series and Definite Integration, basically the whole Mathematics syllabus and then the problems are framed. So you cannot afford to miss this chapter thinking that no questions are asked from the chapter so why bother and study it.

Important concepts and properties

Inequalities can only be added and can't be subtracted.

We can square both sides of inequality if both sides are non-negative.





Also, questions based on making graph and its applications can be asked. Just take few values of the variable and see the corresponding values the function take. Plot them on rough graph and this can also be used for finding range and domain of a particular function.