Geometric Optics

In this post we will discuss about the importance of Geometric Optics in JEE advanced , JEE mains. Also we will focus on the types of questions that generally come from this section.


Geometric Optics covers questions mostly on numerical type when it comes to JEE Mains and Advanced. A brief analysis of previous year papers shows atleast 2 questions are asked every year in JEEJEE Advanced. In JEE Mains the trend suggests you should expect only 1 question. Some times you may get 2.

Golden Topics

Conceptual type : There are not much conceptual questions from this topic but still basically holds questions from Scattering of light, total internal reflection , Refraction and dispersion of light through a prism, optical fibres.

Numerical type : This part is of atmost importance as it holds questions from Reflection and refraction of light, spherical mirrors, mirror formula,total internal reflection and its applications, refraction at spherical surfaces, lensmaker’s formula , Magnification, power of a lens, combination of thin lenses in contact combination of a lens and a mirror and power of microscope.

A brief conceptual and little numerical solving skills can be very helpful for this topic.