Gaseous State

This post shall deal with Gaseous state as a topic for preparation for JEE Advanced and JEE Mains. The most important parts of the chapter and the nature of questions asked shall also be discussed.


The trends from the previous years’ question papers show that the number of questions that appear from Gaseous State in JEE Advanced may be as high as 3 or maybe as low as none. This unpredictability makes it a chapter, which cannot be skipped if one is looking to score decent marks. As far as JEE Mains is concerned, 1-2 questions appear every year, and hence, there is no question of it being overlooked. The questions that are asked are mostly single correct type, though mix and match questions, carrying a higher number of marks, have been asked too.


The topics from this chapter aren’t as diverse as some of the other chapters and hence, are relatively easier to negotiate. All the questions asked can be precipitated to these 2 topics:-

1. Gas Laws and Van der Waal’s equation

2. Kinetic Theory of Gases

The concepts of this chapter are designed around the above two topics, and a good hold over these concepts in necessary to solve the questions. Some of the important subtopics are Real gases and Compressibility Factor, and the basic formulas for Root Mean Square speed (RMS), Most Probable speed (MPS) and Maximum speed. One more topic from which a few questions have been framed in the past is Diffusion calculations using Graham's law.
Practising a set number of questions is enough to enable you to score maximum marks in this chapter.