In this post, we shall discuss about Functions as a topic for preparation of JEE Advanced and JEE mains. The important topics and the nature of questions shall also be discussed.


Yearly Trend

Functions is taught as a topic at the very start of the preparation of these exams(the very basics), which is because of the fundamental importance of this chapter in the whole JEE curriculum. The basics of this chapter are used throughout the course and hold very high importance when it comes to scoring maximum marks in JEE Advanced and JEE Mains.

Observing the trend in the previous years' question papers, we observe that the questions asked are rarely directly related to functions. More often they are combined with some other topic and the Functions is used as a base of the solution to the problem. Due to this compatibility with other topics, this chapter is one of the most important. A high number of questions related to this chapter are asked every year. At least 1-2 questions can safely be expected. From the JEE Mains perspective, the trend has been a little staggered but one can be almost sure that questions will appear and will be crucial for scoring maximum marks.


Generally the questions asked from this chapter are combined with other topics, especially in JEE Advanced, but it is essential to be very well versed with the basic concepts which are exclusive to this chapter.

Some of these basics include Greatest Integer Function, Modulus, Square Root and Nature of the graphs of the function. Another very important topic to study is the range and domain of a function, which gives us all the possible values of the dependent and the independent variable and the nature of functions like one-one or onto and even or odd.

Now more often than not, the questions from this topic are combined with Limits, Continuity and Differentiability as a direct relationship is established between the 2 chapters, and the questions have often been asked in the Mix and Match type, which carries a lot of marks. Other topics which are frequently combined with this chapter are Trigonometric Functions, or Integration or Application of Derivative.

So, even though direct question may not be asked, this chapter will always be of utmost importance, and hence should be focused on to score as highly as possible.