Newton's Laws of Motion

In this post, we will discuss about the important aspects of ‘Forces’ as a topic for preparation, and the kind of questions asked in JEE Advanced and JEE Mains (earlier AIEEE).


Yearly Trend

Forces has very few formula but there can be many different/interesting questions based on the concepts. Once, the basics are well worked upon, solving the questions in the exam shouldn’t be a problem. On analysis of the previous year papers, it was found that, as far as JEE Advanced is concerned; a sure shot question will appear from Forces; though many more than one question is to be expected. In JEE Mains, the number of questions asked seems to be relatively less, but it still remains an important topic.

This chapter is the basis for many topics, so you should have your basics crystal clear

Next we will discuss the most important parts and concepts from the chapter, from which questions are asked.


More attention is to be given to certain topics which are recurrent in JEE Advanced and JEE Mains. The most important topic is Friction in general, be it on planes or inclined surfaces. It covers the concepts of maximum friction, and force required to move the block on a frictional inclined plane. Another important concept is that of Tension, which covers topics like maximum tension in a path and the necessary constraint relations. Finally, basic theoretical interpretations of the Newton’s Laws are generally asked in questions in assertion reason type.
These are the most important topics in this chapter and should be thoroughly covered. Though other topics should not be overlooked for maximum scoring.