Fluid Mechanics

In this post, we shall seek to discuss ‘Fluid Mechanics’ as a topic for preparation of JEE Advanced and JEE Mains. The most important topics and the type of questions asked shall also be discussed.


Yearly trend

As observed from the trend of the question papers of the previous years, it has been observed that one can be sure that at least 1 question from Fluid Mechanics will appear in the both JEE Advanced and JEE Mains. As many as 3 questions appeared in both the exams in 2008, so the importance of this topic cannot be counted out. Especially in JEE Advanced, a question has appeared in the paper without fail since at least 2007.

Fluid Mechanics is the type of topic which, once you are well versed with the basics, fetches you good and easy marks. Its an easy topic to understand and practice.

Next the important topics in the chapter shall be discussed.


The most common type of questions asked from Fluid Mechanics are the ones related to Pressure inside a fluid in different depths. This may include finding pressure on the container, or a body inside a fluid placed at some depth etc.
Another very common type is the one related to Buoyancy and floatation. Questions are combined with the above topic and questions are framed. It includes the concept of Relative Densities and Metacentres (Harmonic Motion of a floating body). Questions from Continuity Equation are also asked frequently, along with Bernoulli’s Principle and its application.
The more detailed topics cannot be excluded still if maximum marks are to be scored.

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