This post shall discuss Determinants as a topic for preparation of JEE Advanced and JEE Mains. The important topics and the type of questions asked shall also be discussed.


Yearly Trend

Observing from the trend in the past few years’ question papers, that the number of questions asked is staggered. In 2013,2009 and 2007 no question was asked in JEE Advanced from Determinants. While in JEE Mains (earlier AIEEE), 1 or 2 questions have been asked regularly.

Though, the number of questions may be seemingly less, but the topic needs to be prepared well as it can serve as a tool in solution of numerous problems, and no topic in itself can be left out if you are looking to secure maximum marks.

The important topics shall be discussed next.


Questions are asked about the properties of determinants, related to changes in the elements. Another common type of question is where the elements in the determinant are the cube roots of unity and need solving accordingly. There are questions where you need to evaluate one of the elemements of the determinants.

So, a optimum practise can get you maximum marks in this topic with relative ease.