Concept of Polymer


Identify the copolymer from the following:

(a) !![CF_2-CF_2]_n!!

(b) !![CH_2C(Cl)=CH-CH_2]_n!!

(c) !![CH_2CHCl]_n!!

(d) !![CH_2-CH=CH-CH_2-(C_6H_6)CH-CH_2]_n!!


Copolymer is defined as polymer made up by reacting two different monomers.

!![CF_2−CF_2]_n!! is made up of tetrafluoro ethane only.

(b) is made up of !!CH_2C(Cl)=CH−CH_2!! units.

Similarly (c) is made up of only one monomer that is !!CH_2CHCl!!
(d), however, is made up of !![CH_2−CH=CH−CH_2]!! and !![C_6H_6−CH−CH_2]!!

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