Concept of Periodic table


B is a noble gas. He thinks as below about his neighbors. Which of these are correct?

(a) 'D' is an alkaline earth metal

(b) 'C' exists in +2 oxidation state

(c) 'A' has higher electron affinity

(d) None


It is given that B with atomic number Z is a noble gas.

Atomic number Z-1 would correspond to group 17 elements i.e. halogens. We know that halogens have higher electron affinity. Thus 'A' has high electron affinity.

Atomic number of Z+1 would correspond to group 1 elements i.e. alkali metals, the oxidation number of which is +1. Thus 'C' has +1 oxidation state.

Atomic number of Z+2 for element D would corresponding to group 2 elements i.e. alkaline earth . The oxidation is +2.

Therefore statements (a) and (c) are correct.

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