Concept of Kp and Kc


For the reaction,

!!2NO_2(g) <=> 2NO(g)+ O_2(g)!!

!!(K_c = 1.8 xx 10\^(-6) "at" 184\^oC)!!

When !!K_p!! and !!K_c!! are compared at !!184\^o C!! , it is found that :

(a) !!K_p!! is greater than !!K_c!!

(b) !!K_p!! is less than !!K_c!!

(c) !!K_p = K_c!!

(d) Either !!K_p!! is greater than, less than or equal to !!K_c!! depends upon the total gas pressure


!!K_p = K_cRT\^(Deltan)!!,

!!Deltan = 1!!

Hence, !!K_p > K_c!!.

Therefore, option (a) is correct.