Concept of Electron Gain Enthalpy


The correct order of electron gain enthalpy with negative sign of !!F, Cl, Br!! and !!I!!, is:

(a) !!F> Cl> Br> I!!

(b) !!Cl> F> Br> I!!

(c) !!Br> Cl> I > F!!

(d) !!I> Br> Cl> F!!


As we move in a group from top to bottom, electron gain enthalpy becomes less negative because the size
of the atom increases and the added electron would be at larger distance from the nucleus.

Negative electron gain enthalpy of !!F!! is less than !!Cl!!. This is due to the fact that when an electron is added to !!F!!, the added electron goes to the smaller !!n = 2!! energy level and experiences significant repulsion from the other electrons present in this level. In !!Cl,!! the electron goes to the larger !!n = 3!! energy level and consequently
occupies a larger region of space leading to much less electron-electron repulsion.

So the correct order is !!Cl > F > Br > I.!!