Concept of Alcohol


!!C_2H_5OH + Cl_2 -> X + Cl_2 -> Y!!

!!X!! and !!Y!! are

(a) !!C_2H_5Cl ; CH_3CHO!!

(b) !!CH_3CHO ; CCl_3CHO!!

(c) !!CH_3CHO ; CH_3CO_2H!!

(d) !!C_2H_5Cl ; CCl_3CHO!!


!!Cl_2!! is an oxidising agent, hence it oxidises alcohol to give aldehyde.

!!C_2H_5OH+Cl_2 -> CH_3CHO + 2HCl!!

In aldehyde the carbon adjacent to the carboxylic grop is deactivation and carries a partial positive charge. !!Cl^(−)!! nucleophile attacks it to give trichlorinated aldehyde.

!!CH_3CHO +3Cl_2-> C Cl_3CHO + 3HCl!!

Hence the answer is !!(b)!!.

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