Chemical Equilibrium

Chemical Equilibrium is an extension of the chapter Chemical Kinetics. The word "equilibrium" comes from the from the latin words "æquus" (equal) + "lībra" (balance). Chemical equilibrium is said to exists when the rate of forward and backward reactions are equal.


Chemical Equilibrium was one of the chapters from which very low number of questions were asked over the years. Only 7 questions were asked combining both JEE Mains or JEE advanced. Right from 2011, one question has been asked every year till date. The questions asked were relatively simple and straight forward. A fairly good understanding of the topics were sufficient enough to answer these questions.

Important Topics

Questions from this chapter mainly focussed on two topics.

!!->!! Determination of equilibrium constant of reactions

!!->!! Le Chatelier Principle

The chapter is relatively small and easy. Since "Chemical Kinetics" is a pre-requisite for this chapter, it is suggested to do both chapters at the same time.

Though number of question asked are very low, one correct question can change your rank by a few hundreds. Make sure you dont skip this chapter.

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