Binomial Theorem

This post shall discuss Binomial Theorem as a topic for preparation of JEE Advanced and JEE Mains. The important topics and the nature of questions shall also be discussed.


Yearly trend

Observing the trend in the previous years’ question papers, it was noted that hardly any direct questions appear from Binomial Theorem in JEE Advanced. Only 2 questions have been asked in the past 7 years in JEE Advanced. From the JEE Mains perspective, this topic is considerably more important as 1 or 2 questions have been asked every year.

Though the number of questions may be seemingly less, it is important to know the basics, as many times the concepts of this chapter are combined with other chapters for framing of the questions.

The important topics and the nature of questions shall be discussed next.


It is relatively easy to prepare for this topic and optimum practice can fetch you maximum marks.

In JEE Advanced, questions have been asked where Binomial Theorem was combined with the concepts of Permutations and Combinations, as the coefficients are expressed in terms of combinations. It is essential to be thorough with the basic series expansions. Questions are also posed as when sum of series is asked under a set of conditions, or sum of a few terms would be mentioned and the solution would be demanded. Questions are also asked related to coefficients, where a relation is mentioned between them, or those relations are to be found out.

Another type of question is when the remainder is asked when a large number is divided by a smaller number.

So the time dedicated to this chapter should be in proportion to the number of marks it can get you in the exams.