Be Motivated

It is really uncomfortable to sit for 3 hours with a pen, a sample question set and a crisp sheet of paper which has nothing but bubbles to record your answers. You twist your mind, play with the concepts, solve problems in the rough space provided and curse yourself for forgetting what you revised two days ago or mentally tap your back gently for getting an answer this time. So much goes on in your mind that even after you are done solving, you still see numbers and chemical formulae floating around in the air. I would like to ask you a question at this point. Why did you choose to take this path?

For a moment, did a smile cross your lips when you read the above question or did your mind flood with all the possible answers? For most of you the motivation behind all this is the willingness to enter into an elite engineering institute and make your parents proud. You wish to be the first person from your family who could make it to IIT. You dream of the day of results and how everyone around you would be happy because ‘you’ did something extraordinary.

I hope this dream is shared by most of you because there’s nothing wrong to it. Some might tell you that it is like building castles in the sky but don’t listen to them. It is really not easy to read and re-read the same concepts. Thinking of results does the best job of motivating but that’s not all what you should do all the time. You have to push yourself harder each day you get up in the morning. Do an extra set of problems, revise the problems which you got wrong in the last test and get an inch closer to your goal. If you feel down, just imagine how your parents’ chest will swell with pride once you achieve what you are trying to and trust me, getting there will heal all the pain which you might be suffering now.