Importance An ellipse is a curve on a plane surrounding two focal points such that a straight line drawn from one of the focal points to »

Vector algebra

Importance Vector algebra is one of the topic with major weightage and constitute a big section of mathematics. We will see how this chapter is important »

Application of Derivative

We will discuss the importance of application of derivatives in various competitive exams in this post. Previous year trend As evident from the statistics, questions from »


Importance A parabola represents the locus of all points moving such that its distance from a fixed line, directrix and its distance from a fixed point, »


Inequalities involves basic equation solving by plotting on number line and observing values a variable can take. Yearly trend As you can see from the trends, »

Cartesian System

Past year trend The number of questions are pretty less but more regular for an examination like JEE Mains but for JEE advanced it is like »


Circle is a probably the easiest of all the conic sections, and also helps in other conic sections. Past year trend As we can see from »

3-Dimensional Geometry

Importance 3 Dimensional geomerty is just an extension of cartesian geometry in an extra dimension which makes it extremely interesting. Yearly trend The graph shows conveys »

Definite Integration

In this blog, we will discuss about the topic definite integration and its importance in various examinations. Yearly trend The graph above shows how important this »

Differential Equations

Importance Differential equation is a small topic but has a much larger application in higher mathematics, hence having a topic of great importance. Lets glance over »