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Exhaust system

Designer of the exhaust system of a water bike wants maximum acceleration. Which design would be use? Solution: There are two main considerations. Firstly we can »

Ratio of sides

If the angles of a triangle are in the ratio of !!4:1:1!! then the value of: !!("Perimeter of triangle")/"Largest side"=!! !!1+sqrt(3) »

The circles lie along?

The differential equation !!(dy)/(dx) = sqrt(1-y^2)/y!! determines a family of circles with: Variable radii and a fixed centre at !!(0,1)!! Variable radii »

Range of cannon

Question: The range of a shell fired from a cannon is !!1km!!. Then the range of second identical shell which breaks into two equal parts is? »

Series of points

Question !!(x_1,x_2)!!,!!(x_2,x_3)!!,!!(x_3,x_4)!!...!!(x_2014,x_2015)!! are all points on the graph !!y =1/(x-1) »


Question The number of isomeric products of result is? 3 4 5 6 Answer There are 4 possible places for substitutions of -Cl. 2 of these »