Approaches to solving a question

Let us see some ways we try when we get a problem. We start with the easiest and move to the most difficult ones.

Factory model

Apply the formula

He would first try to figure out what is asked, identify the concept/ chapter from which the question is asked.
If the question is easy and you can apply the formula directly, he would waste no time in doing so and move ahead.

Toyota approach: Just in time

Derive what ever needed from basics

They do not believe in formula, they only believe in basics. They derive the required formula just when needed use it and forget about. If things were under their control they would only remember one formula in the chapter and derive everything when required.

The lazy hardworking lad

Think along a tangent

Just as the name suggests they are contradictory. They are lazy in doing the physical work of writing and solving long methods but would try to solve a problem from a chapter we would normally not attempt it.

These are just some of the ways. There are many other types of people. Each of them have their own benefit and drwaback. But it is in your best interest to know all the ways to solve a problem.

So we developed an android application where you can share your method to solve a question.

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