Application of Derivative

We will discuss the importance of application of derivatives in various competitive exams in this post.

Previous year trend

As evident from the statistics, questions from this chapter are in abundance. Be it Single Correct, Multiple Correct, Comprehension, Numerical Based or Matrix Match, questions are asked from all the types. The main reason for so many questions is the number of topics which are there in the chapter. The important ones are discussed below.

Important concepts

These are the topics from which the questions are asked frequently in Mains and Advanced.

Monotonicity of a function: Increasing and decreasing behaviour of the function.

Maxima and Minima : Calculation of maximum and minimum value of a function is again a very important topic in this chapter.

Mean Value Theorems : Lagrange's Mean value theorem is another topic from which questions are asked. Well, not directly but the crux of the problem is based on the use of these theorems.

Curve Plotting : This helps you in finding the number of roots of the functions for which it is not easy to plot the graphs.

Tangents and Normals: Then comes the tangents and normals part which is again a very important topic.

Get a hold of these topics very nicely and you are good to go with the chapter.