Amines and Aromatic Amines

We will discuss in this post about the important aspects of Amines and Aromatic Amines along with the kind of questions covered in JEE Mains and JEE Advanced.


From the previous year papers, we see that a significant number of questions were asked from Amines and Aromatic Amines. The weightage of this topic in organic chemistry in both these exams is fair.


In JEE Mains, questions are asked from nomenclature, basicity , classification, halogenation and acylation of amines along with the different methods of formation of amines from various compounds. Carbylamine reaction, Diazotization of aromatic compunds and reactions of diazonium salts are very important. Along with these, for JEE Advanced, topics like Gabriel Thalamide reaction, Hoffman Bromamide reaction and Beta-Napthol test also need to be kept in mind with their mechanisms.