Acidic or Basic nature


You find the caution label which fell of a beaker.Can you identify the beaker?

a) !!CH_3COONa!!
b) !!NaCl!!
c) !!CH_3COONH_4!!
d) !!NH_4Cl!!


We will label the !!NH_4Cl!! because it is more acidic in nature. It is formed by reaction of ammonia !!(NH_3)!! and Hydrochloric acid !!(HCl)!!. It is salt of weak basic !!(NH_3)!! and strong acid !!(HCl)!!.

In case of ammonium acetate !!(CH_3COONH_4)!!, which is soap is basic. It is salt of weak acid and weak base. So, nature of the solution is neutral.

On other hand sodium chloride !!(NaCl)!! is also neutral because of strong acid and strong base.

In case of !!CH_3COONa!! it is basic salt because of weak acid of acetic acid and strong basic of sodium hydroxide.

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