40 days to JEE...

Finally, boards and Mains are over. It was a lot of hard work. You all deserve a pat on your back because not many are left with the energy after JEE Mains and Boards to give JEE Advanced after slogging for 2 years. You should be thankful to those relaxing for making the competition easier.

Time to build some pressure

Evil laughter.... This time the competition is even more tough. The meritorious 1.5 Lakh out of nearly 10 lakh students will be competing against each other for the almost 10000 seats at IIT’s. And the worst part is that it is just in 40 days. These 40 days can create a difference in your score of almost 30-50 marks. The importance of these days can be judged from the presence of various types of crash courses in the market.

Though it is true but most of us are now so used to hearing this.

Oh, you are still reading? So hear the few things which you should be doing:
Analyse and judge your performance at the JEE MAINS in detail.

I am not talking about marks. First and foremost, identify your weak points like whether you succumbed to exam pressure or did silly things due to ineffective time management in exams.
Identify the topics from which you could attempt the questions in all the three subjects.Make a note of the topics in which you scored negative marks.Try to find out the remedy of all the points by discussing with your teachers, seniors or mentors.

Now you need to work on each of the weak points and work in a direction to improve your score overall.

We are not going to tell a plan and make your life easy. But here are some points which you may find helpful.
First for maximum utilisation of the next 40 days you need to make a routine or study schedule. The schedule is very effective when you fix the tasks to be completed every day.Distribute your study schedule among the following: - Theory revision, Problems practice, and Question Paper solving.

Make it a point to do a complete revision of the entire JEE ADVANCED syllabus in these 30 days for all the three subjects. As for JEE advanced questions are more fundamental, you need to be through in the concepts. For Maths and Physics only CBSE is not sufficient. For inorganic chemistry do not worry a lot and concentrate on NCERT only. Make sure to practice enough problems from each chapter to cover each & every type of question asked in JEE.

Try to solve 2 practice paper daily in 3+3 hours sittings.

If you are going to do all this, you can at least have some time for entertainment in your schedule. By entertainment, I mean hanging out with friends, playing some sports and other outings. These refresh our mind and help us getting recharged.